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Shelby Matted Dual Colored Collection - 11X14, 16X20

11X14 Photo Frames collection

Shelby Matted Dual Colored Collection - 11X14, 16X20


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  • Inner and outer dual colored framing will what make your photo "pop" giving it a unique visiual appeal.
  • Shelby Wood Picture Frame is available in 11X14 mats down to 8X10 and 16X20 mats down to 11X14. 
  • Glare resistant glass lens.
  • Wall mounts included for easy hanging.
  • Perfect size for home or office.
  • Available in Black, White or Grey
  • Frame width is 1/2" thick.

Please note, 11X14 and 16X20 frames incur an extra shipping charge of $18 for the first frame and $15 for additional frames.  This is to cover additional in transit costs to prevent the glass breaking.

  • Item Number WD20514-80
    Size 11X14 mats to 8X10
    Color Black / White
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